Guildry News

Kirkin of the Deans Council and the Guildry of Stirling – June 2nd at 11.30 am Church of the Holy Rude

Guild brothers, I have been advised by the Guildry Chaplain, the Rev Alan Miller, that Stirling Council does not intend to have a Kirkin service this year.

Rev Miller, has offered to host a Kirkin Service for the Guildry of Stirling (which was what the original Kirkin Service was for when the Guildry ran the town).

I on behalf of the Guildry have accepted his very kind offer and now write to inform you of the time and place.

As this service is being held in our honour,  I would ask that as many Guild Brothers who can, attend.

It would be helpful if you could reply to me to indicate whether you will/will not be able to attend in order that I can notify Rev Miller of the expected numbers.

The service will include communion   and therefore there should be a slightly larger congregation than normal. We would congregate in Cowane’s Hospital from 11 am.

I look forward to your early responses.



Dean of the Guildry of Stirling