The Dean’s Council

The purpose of the Dean’s Council is to assist the Dean in the day to day running of the Guildry and meets two weeks prior to each court to discuss issues of importance to the Guildry and the charitable trust. The Council is elected on an annual basis at The Winter Court and the make-up of the Council is laid out in the Constitution.

The following gallery shows the Councils from the previous past few years:

The Dean's Council - 2007
Standing (L-R): David Farquhar, Ian Carmichael, Alasdair Gammack, Jim Richardson, Jim Mailer, Michael Coleman, Bill Sim (Past Dean)
Seated (L-R): Alan Webb (Past Dean), Norrie Black (Guildry Officer), Ian Crawford (Dean), Paul G Miller (Clerk), Tom Boyle (Treasurer)
The Dean's Council - 2008
Standing (L-R): Alasdair Gammack, Bill Sim (Past Dean), Ian Carmichael, Michael Coleman, William Weir, Robin Iffla, David Farquhar
Seated (L-R): Tom Boyle, Paul Miller, Ian Crawford (Dean), Jim Mailer (Guildry Officer), Alan Webb (Past Dean)
The Dean's Council - 2009-10
Standing (L-R): Alasdair Gammack, Graham Reed, Michael Coleman, William Weir.
Seated (L-R): Past Dean Alan Webb, Guildry Officer Jim Mailer, Dean Paul Miller, Treasurer Ian Carmichael, Tom Sinclair.
Not Present: John Barton, Alan Donald, Robin Iffla.
The Dean's Council - 2011
Standing (L-R): Tom Sinclair, Robin Iffla, David Brown,Tom Pollock, Graham Reed, Alan Donald, Michael Coleman, William Weir.
Seated (L-R): Past Dean Alan Webb, Guildry Officer Jim Mailer, Dean Paul G Miller, Clerk John Barton, Treasurer Ian Carmichael.
The Dean's Council - 2012
Standing (L-R): Dean’s Councillors Tom Sinclair, Alistair Gammack, Tom Pollock, Graham Reed, Michael Coleman, William Weir, Ian Carmichael (Treasurer) and David Brown.
Seated (L-R): Paul G Miller (Past Dean), John Barton (Guildry Clerk), Robin Iffla (Dean), Jim Mailer (Guildry Officer), the Rev Alan F Miller (Chaplain to the Guildry of Stirling)
Not Present: Deans Councillor Alan Donald
The Dean's Council - 2013
Standing (L-R): Dean’s Councillors Tom Sinclair, Tom Pollock, Alistair Gammack, Ian Carmichael (Treasurer), Alan Donald, Graham Reed, David Brown.
Seated (L-R): Rev Alan F Miller (Chaplain to the Guildry of Stirling), Jim Mailer (Guildry Officer), Robin Iffla (Dean), John Barton (Guildry Clerk), Paul G Miller (Past Dean)
Not Present: Deans Councillors Michael Coleman and William Weir.
The Dean's Council - 2014-15
Standing (L-R): David W. Brown, Tom RS. Sinclair, Tom Pollock, Norman A. Black, Michael Coleman, Ian Carmichael and William Weir
Seated (L-R): John Barton. Jim Mailer (Guildry Officer), G. Robin Iffla (Dean), Paul G. Miller (IPD & Clerk), Robert RB. Blewitt PD
Not Present: Alasdair Gammack
The Dean's Council - 2016-17
Standing (L-R): Tim Johnston, James Richardson (Treasurer), William Weir, Norman A. Black, David W. Brown, John Barton and Thomas Pollock.
Sitting (L-R): Elizabeth A. Roads, Paul G. Miller (Past Dean and Clerk), Alasdair L. Gammack (Dean), G. Robin Iffla MBE. DL and Revd. Alan Miller (Guildry Chaplain).
Not Present: James Mailer (Guildry Officer)
The Dean's Council - 2016-17
L to R Back: Robin Iffla MBE DL (Past Dean & Chancellor), Ally May, Norrie Black, Jim Mailer (Officer), Jim Richardson (Treasurer), Tim Johnston and Peter Smith. Front: Linda Mair, Alasdair Gammack (Immediate Past Dean), Elizabeth Roads LVO (Dean) and Paul Miller (Past Dean & Clerk). Not Present: Tom Pollock.