Guildry News

Letter from the Dean – 3rd May 2020

Dear Guild Brothers, 
These are very worrying and testing times.  Our way of life is being completely
changed and for most of us this will involve physical separation from our families and a
complete change to our social routine.  Lockdown may mean real isolation for many.  Skype
and WhatsApp are excellent but we do not all have the means to use these so I do hope that
your families and friends are using the excellent telephone to keep in touch.  Please do let me
know if a phone call, or postcard, from anyone on the Dean’s Council would help the day. 
The Dean’s Council is very aware of how difficult life will be for so many and whilst we may
not be in a position to do practical things like shopping we can talk to you.   My telephone
number and email address are on the top of this letter and do please use them if you wish. 
We are all worried about the long-term effect on the careers of family members and
how some of them will cope with being isolated or restricted to a small area with a young and
boisterous family.  We all need fresh air so if you can I do encourage you to take a short walk
each day or, if you have one, to spend a little time in the garden, even if only to sit with a cup
of tea for a while.  We all hope that better weather will arrive and then at least windows can
be opened.   
It has, of course, also meant that the Guildry gatherings have had to be cancelled.  We
shall, however, re-schedule these for when life returns to normal. 
I hope this newsletter will give you something to enjoy and I send my warmest good
wishes to you all and hope that you will stay well during the weeks, perhaps many, ahead of